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September  2004 

This is the original article by Petros Evdokas published by Cyprus IndyMedia, which triggered the Intelligence investigation against us.
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Spies, Murderers, and Creeps 
- Management  of the "free dialogue" on the Annan plan

There's another new website containing the text  and maps of the Annan plan which has become fashionable recently, as a part of the Imperial campaign to lead our countries to a formula of eternal war by enforcing the Annan plan on us. The link to that page has been circulating around the various discussion groups which are debating the Annan plan online. 

What's so special about that website?
It is a good indication of who, exactly, is serving up the dialogue among us, and how a blind support for the plan is being promoted as a supposedly "peoples' movement" aiming at Peace.

Here are a few items to consider - those of you who like espionage stories, who like to understand how it is exactly, that the intelligence operations of the Empire knowingly lead to the massive butchering of people around the world and to the destabilization of the globe so that the Empire can administer it "in Peace", please read on.

The page is here:  , archived here:

{the page has been edited and improved since the writing of this article - all of the purposefully "shoddy" qualities, the calculated "homemade" elements of its appearance, have been altered since we publicized the situation; we retain this part of the text because it highlights the route of the discovery of the intelligence operations behind it - Ed.}

First: have a look at  the graphic, depicting the UN logo. 
It is made to look cheap, fuzzy, to create the impression that the page was created by "independent" and poor web designers, like us. A lot of pages online have that appearance, which creates the feeling that the designers don't have money for high-technology graphics, or any "special" knowledge to make the images come out smooth. For people who spend a lot of time studying pages online, this page creates a psychological impact, an effect which is the modern- day equivalent to a hand-written leaflet of old times (from the time when populist movements could not afford to typeset leaflets and had to create the originals by hand). It is designed to create subconscious sympathy for the page designers, making the work appear as if it from "the people".

But the domain- name of the page, is registered as owned by the UN Operations Office, headquartered in Cyprus (listed as the "United Nations Protected Area" - curiously, it is registered as a Province of the United Kingdom). 
Alexander Ernyey, an enemy of the peopleThe UN Operations Office has a lot of money to make websites look better and smoother. In fact, the page is hosted on the server of the XO Communications Corporation, which has services only for other businesses and governments, very expensive services which are not available for consumers ( ). So why did they choose that "poor" appearance for the website? Is it just a "little propaganda thingie" to win subconscious sympathy? Was this decision taken with the advice of the page designer?

But who is the page designer?
His name is Alexander Ernyey.  If there was ever a real spy, a real enemy of the people of the world among us, he would  be the best man fitting that description.
This man has spent his entire life, almost, on operations of the US Department of Defense, the Office of Naval Research, US Navy, operations of the US Department of State, of the US Embassy, and a lot more. He has worked as an advisor and consultant for Israeli Intelligence agencies, and fought with then in the totally illegal genocidal war against the people of Iraq in operation Desert Storm.
His technical expertise is impeccable - he has many decades of experience  in the design, management and operations of all sorts of communications systems, especially internet-related systems. 

If all this sounds extreme, hey, this is just the tip of the iceberg! You can read all about it in his own words, with special attention to his military connections, his Professional Experience, and "special skill areas", right here:
{alternate link, in case the above has been moved elsewhere: }

This man runs the United Nations offices here in Cyprus, has total control of the UNOPS office through the information system which he installed and manages ("I currently provide all systems administration for UNOPS Cyprus.... and have supported all computing resource requirements for UNOPS and UN Development Programme personnel in Cyprus", he says.
And then - in our innocence - we wonder how is it that Kofi Annan's offices and operations all over the world have been targets of continuous espionage and manipulation by the US intelligence services? Does it take a genius to figure it out?)

This is a man who should be immediately deported by the Government of Cyprus (it's obvious that the Government has never shown an interest to do what is right for these criminals, that is to arrest and charge them as  spies and war- criminals. It can at least pretend to protect us from these creeps by deporting him). He is actively working to disseminate propaganda and lies aimed at destabilizing regional Peace (whatever little we have of it in our part of the world) - is this the kind of people we trust to give us "objective information" to decide about the terrible dilemmas in front of us which will determine life or death, war and peace in our country?

Actually, yes. These are the kinds of people who are determining the level of political dialogue among us, at every level of our society, from the top to the bottom, and on both sides of the fence dividing our country by force and horror. Is this the current level of our political maturity? Yes.

Petros Evdokas


For an example of a UNOps website which is intended  to appear rich, high- tech, and impressive, please see this one (it is also managed by the same person and UN agency as above):
Its connections to the US Government are at least more obvious here. Mentioned openly, are 
the project's dependency on US Government funding; 
its operation parallels to the Marshall plan (end of World War II domination of Western Europe by the US); 
and its administrative relationship to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which is the "civilian" arm of the CIA.

If you would like to understand more about the USAID, please read their mission statement:
"The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency that provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States."
It is one of the most ingenious arms of the global Empire. Please read more here:

For background reading, on espionage and intelligence operations closer to the Cyprus conflict, and more specifically on the domination of the BiCommunal efforts by US intelligence, please see:

"More of those Cyprus BiCommunal "curious" products of the US intelligence services"
and :
"Better Read than Dead / A continuation of the dialogue"

March 5, 2004

Cyprus, from a spy satellite